Our practice is truly unique. We have earned the trust and respect of our restorative colleagues, who know they can rely on us to provide exceptional surgical care and optimal treatment outcomes for their patients.  Our doctors and staff are committed to creating an experience for our patients that is unlike any they have ever had in healthcare, taking service to another level.

As one of the largest surgical implant practices in the country, we offer our patients more options than the widely advertised implant centers.


Close Collaboration with Restorative Dentists

The true team approach to dental implant treatment involves collaboration between the patient’s dentist and the surgeon to create the ideal, personalized treatment plan that addresses the patients functional and aesthetic needs.  This is something that we’ve been doing for 20 years and thousands of patients in the area have benefitted from our collaborative, team approach to implant treatment.

Emergency Same-Day Implants

Dr. Korb has been the recognized expert in emergency implant treatment for years and a pioneer in surgical techniques that allow him to consistently deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.  The restorative dentists and dental specialists in the area know they can depend on us to accommodate patients immediately when they have a damaged or failing tooth.

An Alternative to All-on-4

 All-on-4 is widely advertised as the solution for people who need a full arch of teeth replaced, or complete tooth replacement. However, this is not necessarily the best option for many patients, particularly those who need the extra stability provided by additional implants.  We believe that the alternative option that we provide is a superior with longer lasting benefits for patients.

Dedicated Implant Coordinators

We are fortunate to have two experienced professionals on our team who are dedicated Implant Coordinators to assist patients with the entire implant treatment process.  Our Implant Coordinators work closely with the patients’ dental offices to coordinate appointments and other aspects of the treatment sequence, offering our patients a virtually seamless experience.