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Emergency Same-Day Dental Implants

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What is the process for immediate tooth replacement?

cracked toothLoose tooth
screw placementtooth attachment

Are you a candidate for immediate tooth replacement?

Advances in dental implant technology over the past decade, such as new implant designs and 3D imaging have made immediate implant placement possible for more patients. However, the procedure is technique sensitive and requires a high level of surgical skill and expertise. The patient must also have healthy bone and gum tissue for the procedure to be successful.

The location of the tooth being replaced can also be also a factor. Since front teeth have only one root, the socket is not substantially larger than a dental implant. However, molars have three roots and therefore, many surgeons prefer to delay placing an implant following tooth removal until the larger socket has time to fill in with bone grafting material. Immediate versus delayed implant placement is something that will be determined by your surgeon and

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