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Advanced Technology

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3D Cone Beam Imaging

  • Evaluate the quality, width, shape, and density of the bone where the dental implants will be placed.
  • Determine the proper treatment approach for each individual patient.
  • Determine the precise placement of implants, particularly in areas near critical anatomical structures, such as sinuses and nerves.
  • Select the correct style and size of the implants.

Digital Impressions

Our practice can streamline your treatment for dental implants and reduce the number of appointments necessary to complete the final restoration with digital scanning technology.

Our digital impression system makes it possible to obtain highly accurate “virtual” impressions of your teeth, eliminating uncomfortable, goopy putty and tray impressions that cause gagging and discomfort for many patients. We take the digital impressions right after your implant is placed and the digital impression files are then sent directly to a laboratory technician who fabricates the crown or set of replacement teeth with instructions from your dentist regarding ideal shade and shape to match your natural teeth.

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