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Bone Graft and Sinus Lift Procedures

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Foundation for Dental Implants

Improving Anterior Esthetics

When the bone is thin, such as the bone beneath the gum tissue above the upper front teeth, it resorbs, or deteriorates, much quicker leading to a visible defect. When multiple anterior teeth are missing, the bone resorption eventually leads to collapse of the lip, which affects the facial profile.

Long-term scientific and clinical studies by the leaders in implant dentistry show that in most cases, esthetics in the front of the mouth can be greatly enhanced with bone grafting. For patients who have lost bone, it is possible to increase or replace the bone with grafting techniques, and successfully place implants. In addition, the defects in the bone can be corrected to create favorable facial contours and tissue support in order to achieve optimal esthetic results.

Preserving of Bone Following Surgical Tooth Removal

If you are facing impending tooth loss, our doctors are able to surgically remove the tooth using a special technique that minimizes discomfort and promotes rapid healing. This technique also preserves the bone surrounding the tooth, which is critical for implant placement.

The socket that remains when a tooth is removed is sometimes grafted to facilitate healing and preserve a significant amount of gum tissue that would normally shrink during the healing period of the socket were allowed to collapse.

Sinus Graft to Replace Bone in the Upper Jaw

When teeth in the back of the upper jaw have been missing for a long time and the bone resorbs or deteriorates, the sinuses drop down into the space where the tooth roots were located. Since there must be adequate bone for dental implants to be stable, it is often necessary to add bone in these areas.

In these cases, a special bone grafting procedure is performed, which involves gently lifting the floor of the sinus to create space to pack bone grafting material for implant placement. If there is sufficient bone between the edge of the jaw and the bottom of the implant, the sinus graft/lift can sometimes be performed at the same time as implant placement.

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