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Wisdom Tooth Removal: This Is What to Expect

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May 16, 2022

Wisdom Tooth Removal: This Is What to Expect

1. Before Surgery

You’ll have to meet with the surgeon first to discuss the kind of procedure you’ll need. The surgeon will also go over your medical history and the drugs you’re using. This ensures you’ll have no complications with the anesthesia and the procedure.

Speaking of, you’ll also go over the different types of anesthesia. This will depend on the procedure.

You’ll likely need general anesthesia, which will put you to sleep during surgery. This is a must, especially if you have impacted wisdom teeth.

In some cases, though, you might only need local anesthesia, like novocaine or lidocaine. This numbs the area, but you’ll stay awake during the removal. If needed, they may also give you laughing gas to relax you.

IV sedation is another option, which delivers anesthesia through your veins. This is stronger but has a faster recovery time. It produces an effect like temporary amnesia.

Other than that, use this meeting to ask further questions about the procedure.

Prepare for the Surgery Day

2. During Surgery

3. After Surgery

First 24 Hours

Pain and Discomfort

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